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Preliminary electronic presentation of data to the customs authorities by individuals

The portal is designed for individuals so that they can provide information about goods and vehicles intended for transfer across the customs border, passengers arriving in the customs territory of the customs union or leaving such territory, for the purpose of using this preliminary information during customs clearance and control.

The data is completed either in Russian or in English.

With the help of preliminary information, you can significantly reduce the time for issuing documents at the checkpoints.

For this, before arriving at the border you should:

Step 1. Log in the user accounting system.

Step 2. Fill in the form of the passenger declaration, specifying the basic information about the goods, money and vehicles.

Step 3. Register a preliminary notification via the Web interface and receive a unique pre-notification reference number(UPRN).

It is recommended to send preliminary information not later than 2 hours before arrival at the checkpoint.

At the customs post:

Step 4. At the moment of Customs declaring present the goods, vehicle and the received unique pre-notification reference number.

Step 5. The customs officer checks the data. In the absence of differences, the registration process will take no more than 15 minutes. An individual is provided with an opportunity to print the passenger customs declaration in the required form containing the unique pre-notification reference number. The document is printed in A4 format.